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Legal assistance via the prism of business, cooperation and experience


The law office JURISCONSULTUS was founded by Jānis Uzulēns on 15 January 2008. At present it has developed into a full service law office and provides business law services in civil construction, food processing, trade, forestry and agriculture. Experts of the field are the core of the office. We are a small team, though possessing thorough knowledge and working with high efficiency. For daily operational needs we use competent outsourced service providers. This ensures not only high efficiency of services provided to our clients, but also reasonable and transparent costs.

The experience accumulated during 15 years has taught us to accomplish the work with high efficiency, at a high quality level and within as short as possible deadlines. Time is the client’s most important resources and we respect it. We have achieved great results by following our vision – we stand for justice and responsibility by solving issues of concern to our clients.


JURISCONSULTUS is described by the symbol we have chosen for our logo – an owl. This is knowledge, smartness, asceticism, creativity, independence, the ability to observe

1 Creativity

The Latvian legislation, in particular, in the field of civil construction, opens a broad space for interpretation. The classic approach to solving problems often is not feasible. This forces us to search for alternatives and methods which are unusual in the traditional jurisprudence and even innovations.

2 Understanding

We are not the ones who will try to solve your legal concerns by sitting in the office dressed in smart suits and recording hours we spend. Instead – we will rather go to construction sites, production facilities and work places, because we know that a person is the best source of information. Therefore we choose to listen, to communicate and to cooperate.

3 Result

We focus on speed and efficiency by helping out clients to solve issues of concern. Still, our final goal is standards and the business environment which is standardised from the legal point of view, where the simple principle „Your function – your responsibility” is followed.

Civil construction

We successfully represent subcontractors in working with general contractors, employers, state and municipal authorities, by preparing contracts which are effective and comprehensible for clients. The risk assessment system developed by us allows reducing the volume of delayed receivables, it can be readily adjusted to suit the client’s particular needs.

Representation of corporate clients

We offer a broad range of services which is regularly used by our partners in forestry, agriculture, food processing and civil construction: foundation of companies, subsidiaries and representations, including merging, splitting, dividing, transformation; management contracts and sets of motivation measures, rights and liability of Board Members, disputes with Management Board and Supervisory Board Members, shareholders’ rights, agreements and disputes; restructuring, liquidation, legal protection.

Food processing and trade

We have considerable experience in developing contracts with meat processing and dairy industry representatives. We have strength and experience in preparing and coordination of internal documents. We provide effective representation in cooperation with partners in the private and government sector. We work for saving your administration resources. We will improve efficiency of work with debtors.

Our clients

Our clients are the ones providing our characteristics and attesting our success in the profession. JURISCONSULTUS is proud of our clients, their achievements and contribution they bring to the economics of Latvia and other countries, the society and daily life.

We are based in Riga.
We work in Europe and Russia.

We represent Latvian and foreign clients in Latvia, in European countries and in Russia.

Saint Petersburg

Jānis Uzulēns

Jānis Uzulēns, Mg.jur., MBA, the founder of JURISCONSULTUS. Specialisation in civil construction. He considers that the Latvian regulation of civil construction is fragmented and non-efficient, therefore invests his knowledge and energy in improvement of the regulation base. He is the Head of STK 57 Commission of the Latvian National Standard „Standard construction contracts”. Since 2017 he is a doctoral student in the Doctoral studies program „Management and economics” in the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of Riga Technical University. His regular publications are available under the Blog section of the website (the link to the blog).

Jānis Uzulēns, Jānis Uzulēns, Head of Jurisconsultus LinkedIn


Sparģeļu Street borders Krāsotāju Street and the park Ziedoņdārzs. In the address books of Riga Sparģeļu Street under its current name (Спаржевая улица) was first recorded in 1876.

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